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PHG Hydraulic-Set Production Packer



Pinnacle’s PHG Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Production Packer is a high pressure, double grip, retrievable, hydraulic set packer. The built in zone-activated, pressure-balance system offsets pressure differential across the packer and requires no downward mandrel movement for setting, allowing stacked packer applications. Straight pull releases the packer, and built in bypass ports equalize pressure across the packer for ease in retrieval. The upper slip releasing system has a non-directional slip that can be dislocated to release the other slips automatically. The system reduces the strain required for slip and packer release. Many different elastomer and metallurgical options are available for hostile environments upon request.


• The straight pull, shear release pins are unaffected by differential pressure.
• Release and pre-set shear values easily adjustable in the field.
• All components are locked to prevent pressure buildup or debris from presetting the packer.
• The pressure balance system offsets pressure differential across the packer.
• The double grip system holds differential pressures securely from above and below.
• Available in a variety of materials and elastomer combinations.



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