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The Pinnacle Casing Scraper is used to remove foreign matter on the inside casing wall in order to provide a smooth clean casing I.D. for running and setting packers and other sub-surface equipment.

The Pinnacle Casing Scraper features a one piece body with full 360 degree casing I.D. coverage provided by six spring loaded scraper blades. The design also features a large bypass area around and between the blades for ease of circulating. Each blade is secured in its own individual pocket and ensures that all thrust and rotational forces are absorbed directly by the one piece body. No special tools other than a pipe vise are required to change the blades or springs. The Pinnacle Casing Scraper features leaf or coil type corrosion resistant springs behind each selfsharpening blade, providing maximum usage before repairs or replacement is necessary. API regular pin up and box down connections are normally supplied with the Pinnacle Casing Scraper, with other connections available if required.


The Pinnacle Casing Scraper may be run on tubing or drill pipe and operates best when reciprocated vertically or when rotated. Normally rotation is not necessary unless restrictions are encountered. In areas where packers or other tools are to be set, the scraper should be reciprocated through a number of times to ensure the casing is clean and smooth.


  • One piece alloy steel body.
  • Large bypass area between blades for circulation.
  • Corrosion resistant leaf or coil springs provide consistent blade tension.
  • Full 360º coverage of casing wall.
  • Tough alloy self sharpening blades for durability.
  • Thrust and rotational loads are transferred through the blades and into the casing scraper body.
  • Standard design comes with API Regular pin up, box down connections.


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