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P-3 Compression Set Retrievable Packer



The P-3 Compression Set Retrievable Packer is used in applications where excessive bottom hole pressures or injection pressures are not expected, and sufficient tubing weight is available to keep the packer set. A pressure differential in favor of the annulus helps the packer remain set and is why this style packer is commonly used for swabbing operations.


Make the packer up onto the tubing string and run to setting depth, making sure that the last tubing movement is upward. Apply right hand torque to the tubing string (standard right hand jay) and slack off sufficient tubing weight onto the packer to securely set and pack it off.

The P3 is released by simply picking up the tubing. This action will open the by-pass, allowing pressure to equalize across the packer. Continued pick-up on the tubing will lock the packer in the running position (auto jay style) for retrieving or setting again.


  • Large internal bypass.
  • Straight pick up to release.
  • Dependable three element pack-off system.
  • Available with both manual and automatic jays in either right or left hand set.
  • Ideal for swab evaluation.


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