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RBV Tubing Test Valve



The Pinnacle RBV Tubing Test Valve is a field proven, heavy duty, fluid control ball valve for high pressure applications, such as testing tubing or zones, wellbore clean outs, under balanced snubbing operations and treating perforations.


Attach RBV Tubing Test Valve to tubing string along with the appropriate drag inducing device such as a packer or drag block assembly. The RBV valve can be run in the open or closed position depending on well bore conditions and desired installation. Open the RBV Tubing Test Valve by rotating the tubing one half turn to the right (right hand open design).

To close simply rotate the tubing one half turn to the left at the valve (right hand open design).


  • Resilient to erosion.
  • Plugs tubing.
  • Opens with one half a turn to the right or optional left hand open.
  • Maximum thru tool I.D. when opened.
  • Suitable for high pressure applications


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