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PHD Compression Set Squeeze Packer



The PHD Compression Set Squeeze Packer is used for high pressure fracturing, acidizing, squeeze cementing and production testing. The tool features a proven three element packing system and a hydraulically controlled balance piston designed to keep the by-pass closed when set. The PHD Squeeze Packer has an integral bypass system that allows circulation around the packer without releasing the tool and is commonly used with the PTC Bridge Plug for multiple zone operations.


Setting the packer is accomplished by running to depth, picking up 0.60 m (2 ft), rotating 2/3 turns to the right and setting down.

Straight pick-up of the tubing will first open the bypass valve and equalize pressure. Continued pick-up will release the packer and automatically engage the packer in the running position for further operations up or down the hole.


  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades.
  • Three piece packing element system accommodates low and high pressure applications.
  • Hydraulic hold down button unit with large internal flow path.
  • Combination bypass and equalizing valve.
  • Tubing pressure actuated hydraulic piston eliminates excessive set down weight requirements.
  • Slips and drag blocks are also available with carbide inserts.
  • All Pressure bearing o-rings have backups for higher pressure resistance.
  • P110 body, coupling and sub are available for heavier duty jobs.


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