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HST 350 and 425 Hydraulic Setting Tools



The compact and rugged HST 350 and 425 Hydraulic Setting Tools are used to set packers and bridge plugs on tubing, coiled tubing or drill pipe which are normally set on wireline. It is especially applicable for use in deviated wells where it is not practical to run the tools on wireline or in situations where a wireline unit is not available.

The flexible modular design allows for the addition of extra setting piston assemblies to lower required setting pressures. The HST 350 and 425 Setting Tools use bottom connections identical to the Baker™ E-4 wireline setting tool. These tools also have the option of being set using a ball activated housing which allows the tubing to communicate to the wellbore while running in or have a closed system which does not communicate with the wellbore until after the tool has been set.

The HST 425 is a larger more robust tool which has 28 cm (11 in) of setting travel while the HST 350 only has 18 cm (7 in). The HST 425 is also only available in a Baker™ 20 connection while the HST 350 can switch between Baker™ 10 and 20 connections using different adapter kits.

NOTE: Do not attempt to fill the tubing while running in the wellbore since this may cause a premature or partial set. Low fluid level wellbores also present a problem with differences between the casing and tubing pressure causing difficulties with releasing from the tool. Please consult with your Pinnacle Oil Tools Representative for correct running procedures.


The HST 350 or 425 Hydraulic Setting Tool with auxillary equipment is run to the desired setting depth. Drop the setting ball to the ball seat in the tool (only if the HST Hydraulic Setting Tool has a ball seat style adapter) or simply apply pressure to the tubing to activate the HST Hydraulic Setting Tool. (When used on Coiled Tubing the ball is ran in place). When sufficient pressure above wellbore pressure is applied (see tech data next page for setting pressure), the mechanical force generated will shear and set the packer or bridge plug, releasing the HST Hydraulic Setting Tool. The HST Hydraulic Setting Tool will automatically communicate with the wellbore once released.


  • Compact, rugged and reliable.
  • Used to set packers and bridge plugs on tubing, coil tubing and drill pipe.
  • Modular design allows the addition of extra setting pistons to lower setting pressure.
  • Model HST 350 can generate up to 33,800 daN (76,075 lbf) at 17.2 mPa (2,500 psi) with five setting pistons.
  • Model HST 425 can generate up to 45,027 daN (101,225 lbf) at 17.2 mPa (2,500 psi) with four setting pistons.
  • Same wireline adapter kits used as Baker™ E-4 setting tool.
  • Model HST 350 can be converted between a Baker™ 10 or 20 connection.
  • Model HST 350 has 18 cm (7 in) of setting stroke with model HST 425 having 28 cm (11 in).
  • Option to have communication with annulus while running into wellbore with ball drop design.


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