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PS-1 Snap-Set Compression Packer



The PS-1 Snap-Set Compression Packer is run above a retrievable or permanent packer to isolate a zone between them for the treatment, injection, production, and isolation of casing holes or perforations. The PS-1 may be used in conjunction with any lower packer that may be set in compression. The simple design and straight pickup release make the packer ideal for isolating zones in low-pressure applications.

The packer can be set without rotation but is keyed for rotation to set another packer below it.


After setting the lower packer set the PS-1 by slacking off enough tubing weight to activate the the colette snap latch, close the bypass and pack-off the elements.

Simply pick up to release.


• Large Bypass.
• For use in low pressure wells.
• Reliable 3 element design.
• Colette snap latch enables the packer to be set without rotation.
• Internal colette prevents packer from setting while running in the well.


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