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P1-J Valve and Retrieving Tool



The P1-J Valve is primarily used to convert a Pinnacle PX- 6, 8 or 10 Mechanical Set, Double Grip Retrievable Packer into a retrievable bridge plug.

This high pressure valve enables the bridge plug to be run and set with the P1-J valve open. The P1-J Valve automatically closes when the Retrieving Tool is disconnected from the bridge plug and the unique design allows the bridge plug to be circulated clean and any pressure differential equalized before unsetting. The P1-J Valve uses durable molyglass vee seals that can handle functioning multiple times.


The retrievable bridge plug is run to setting depth. Follow setting instructions of mechanical packer used.

To release from the bridge plug apply a minimum of 1,000 daN (2,250 lbf) of weight to the bridge plug and apply left hand torque to the tubing string. Hold left hand torque and pick up, closing the P1-J Valve and releasing the Retrieving Tool.

To release the bridge plug lower the P1-J Retrieving Tool while circulating to clean away any debris. Continue to lower the tubing string, opening the P1-J Valve and automatically latching onto the bridge plug. Follow releasing procedures of mechanical packer used.


  • Field proven reliable design.
  • Flexible design allows for use with a variety of tools.
  • Large bypass for running and retrieving.
  • P1-J Valve locked in the closed position after releasing from bridge plug.
  • Converts PX-6, 8 or 10 packers into retrievable bridge plugs


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