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PHG-II Hydraulic-Set, Dual-String Production Packer



Pinnacle’s PHG-II Hydraulic-Set, Double Grip, Dual-String, Retrievable Production Packer is designed for use in multiple zone wellbores, high volume instrumented applications or well monitoring, gas venting, chemical injection and hydraulic-line access applications. The short compact design makes it a great choice for deviated and horizontal wells. The versatile packer has a sequential upper-slip releasing system where each slip is easily released to reduce the force required for packer release. The PHG-II packer is available with an optional snap latch or J-latch stinger for the short string and long and short-string setting options. Many different elastomer and metallurgical options are available for hostile environments upon request.


• The packer can be pressure tested on-site to save rig time.
• The straight pull, shear-release pins are unaffected by differential pressure.
• The compact design eases passage through doglegs and deviated wells. • All components are locked to prevent pressure buildup or debris from pre-setting the packer.
• Setting cylinder is below the packing elements, eliminating all critical O-rings after setting.
• The packer has a cone design instead of hydraulic hold down buttons to prevent a pressure induced packer release.
• Optional J-latch or snap latch stinger options for the short string.
• Choice of either short string or long string set.
• Short string side can be converted to accept various cable/hydraulic line configurations.
• Different elastomer and metallurgical options are available for hostile environments.
• Available with various threaded connections.


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