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PA Fluid Control Valve



The PA Fluid Control Valve is a pressure actuated, hydrostatic down hole valve that is used to provide control over the displacement of tubing fluids. The PA Fluid Control Valve is actuated by applying tubing pressure above the hydrostatic pressure in the tubing. The PA Fluid Control Valve is normally used in conjunction with Selective Treating Tools, but may also be used for other applications that require displacement control of tubing fluids. The FCV Fluid Control Valve Seating Nipple must be run as part of the tubing string.


Normally a model FCV Landing Nipple is installed in the tubing string at the required point and run to depth. The PA Fluid Control Valve is surface set to support the required hydrostatic pressure and can be run in place, wireline set or more commonly dropped from surface as long as enough fluid is present in the tubing string. Once the fluid control valve has seated it is ready for use. Once seated in the Fluid Control Valve nipple, it is functioned by the application or removal of pressure on the tubing string. The valve will close each time pressure at the tool falls below the pre-set opening pressure. The valve can be functioned as many times as needed.

The PA Fluid Control Valve can be circulated out or retrieved using wireline or sandline using standard wireline pulling tools. The PA fluid control valve has an equalizing feature that is activated once pull sheared.

NOTE: The PA Fluid Control Valve may come to surface when circulating or flowing the tubing. It is good practice to pull the Fluid Control Valve before carrying out either of these operations.


  • Operates by tubing pressure only.
  • Unaffected by formation or annulus pressure.
  • Durable metal to metal seat.
  • Surface set to hold expected pressure above fluid control valve.
  • Equalizing feature to aid in retrieval by wireline or sandline.
  • Can be run in place, on wireline or if there is sufficient fluid in tubing dropped from surface.


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